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A once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of a team putting forward a disruptive high-tech system involving computer vision, machine learning, graph databases, cutting edge web technologies, user experiences enabled by unique IPR, scaling problems,  patents and maybe even hardware related stuff. And maybe the best part – most people will even understand the relevance of what ParrotPlay is!

Consider the problem of creating an autonomous system with the sole purpose of entertaining its user to the maximum extent possible. Imagine that all the digital entertainment addressable by hyperlinks is the data input, the users context, profile and social network is the control input. How can you maximise the output for the user. Furthermore, how can you deliver a movie, a TV series, a game or something else in an integrated user experience without any API integration with any 3rd party services in a completely legal matter?

Welcome to ParrotPlay!

Open Positions

The most important thing for us is that you are a fast learner, entrepreneurial and driven to take part in this adventure.

Chief Software Architect. Now.

Machine Learning Engineer. Now.

Fullstack developer(s). Now.

Front-end developer(s). Now.

Java / Neo4j backend developer. Now.

Content Acquisition Engineer. Now.

Electron / C++ programmer. Coming.

Mobile / TV App developer. Coming.

IT and infrastructure engineer. Coming

Chief Commercial Officer. Coming.

Chief Operational Officer. Coming.

Part-time / compensated community work

If you are a skilled, driven student that want to take part in our mission, please feel free to contact us, here.