Borgar Ljosland


Is a serial entrepreneur, co-founded companies like Falanx Microsystems, FXI Technologies and Cstick Media; and served as a Director of Business Development in ARM ltd. He has a passion for artificial parrots.

Jone Brattland

EVP Products

Is a master of tools and business. He is in charge of technical development, which also involves managing a distributed team of highly talented engineers. He has a passion for making stuff, pretty much anything that can be made, Jone can make.

Linn Sortebech

Director of User Experience

Linn has a bachelor in digital design and thrives best working with the users to constantly improve ParrotPlay. Linn works closely with Jone and Stig to deliver the unique user experience across Big Screen and mobile.

Bertil Hansen

Director Quality Assurance

Bertil loves fishing, Android and creative visual arts. But above all, he loves quality assurance as skill he refined in the most sucessfull global software company since Opera;  Zedge. In ParrotPlay Bertil is involved in every aspect of the operation, tracking our key metrics with passion and a extraordinary eye for detail.

Andreas Løpen

Content Quality Engineer

Andreas is one of the worlds best game testers, having been involved with key titles such Startwars, Lord of the Rings and many others. In ParrotPlay he is making sure that our data is consistent while he is picking up XPs applying in the arts of test-automation.

Carl-Emil (Carlis) Hattestad

Content Acquisition Engineer

Few people knows better the ins and outs of streaming services around the world, and few people are applying the the art of automation better than him – and he is doing this magic while he is a master student at NTNU

Stig Eide Sivertsen

Executive Chairman of the Board