End User Benefits

PC_Home.pngAll your entertainment in one place

ParrotPlay gathers all streaming services in one place so that you can easily find and watch your favourite movies, series and TV channels. The search and personal recommendations engine finds what you want to watch independent of the service. If you want to watch something, just add your service credential and ParrotPlay take care of the rest.

Streaming… with a little help from your friends

No algorithm in the world can beat a real social recommendation. The feeling of getting a recommendation of a new show you would never had thought about watching from a close friend or a person you respect and follow is most often the best source of entertainment. Join ParrotPlay´s social entertainment network through one of our partners.

2016 Beta version of ParrotPlay

Express yourself

Nothing is quite so telling about who you are as your entertainment preferences. Use ParrotPlay to build lists, obtain followers, style your profile. Entertain the world by showing who you are.