We could not keep it a secret anymore

kampanje.com in Norway is running ParrotPlay as top story today. That is what we call great news! The article is behind a pay wall, -and it´s worth it.

ParrotPlay has not been very vocal about the fact that we have been live with trd.by for a few weeks. Here are the main reasons:

  • We have focused on establishing the basic metrics of conversion between recommendation widgets (see We are live ) and the Personal Streaming Guide, untainted by marketing.
  • As there are a few million lines of code that needs to run in harmony, we have wanted to control the user base to ensure stability (up-time since launch is above 99.6% with most of the down-time being scheduled updates).
  • We are doing IPR / patent-work, and it is time consuming 🙂

Now that the Parrot is pulled out of the hat by the excellent Kampanje.com staff we just wanted to highlight the conclusion of the article:

Our goals for this year is to validate that our white-label model add significant value to:

  • People 
  • Our media partners
  • The streaming services / right owners

Throughout 2018 we are keeping select companies, strategic and financial investors up to date on the results we create in order to be in a position to scale our IPR, products and proposition outside of the Nordics. 

So our dear friends in the east and the west – expect the Parrot´s beak knocking on your door soon.

It will be glorious.



We are live

If you are among the large group of TRD.by  readers we are pretty sure you have been noticing the gorgeous content recommendation widget in the news feed ( for english readers, sorry TRD.by is a norwegian site ).

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.11.22.png

Neither us nor Adresseavisen have been marketing this the last few weeks, so that we could get an unpolluted view of the effectiveness of these widgets to engage with users.

We are now learning how our system reacts to larger and larger user traffic, and will soon start to work on tuning user experience in the actual Streaming Guide itself.

Very exciting times in deed.

2018 is fully funded – thank you supporters!


Just before Christmas 2017 we concluded our first crowd funding campaign. It went through the roof and did not stop before we hit the max. With over 300 new shareholders we are among the largest startups in the Nordics measured in number of shareholders! The awesomeness of having a large deeply vested community that in addition to being investors also serves as a beta-test group has become an advantage to us that is difficult to copy!

We are fully funded for 2018 with a total budget of NOK 10.1 million. Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Governments organisation that supports our most promising startups, and our pilot customer, Adresseavisen, contributes money and resource on top of the NOK 5M that was raised in equity.

This puts us in a position to execute our full commercial pilot of ParrotPlay by the end of 2018! We are eager to share data from this pilot with all of our media, OEM and operators friends throughout the coming weeks and months.

Innovation contract with Adresseavisen – GRANTED!

We are dancing Jungle Boogie in the office and send feathers of love to Innovation Norway and Adresseavisen for this massive validation of ParrotPlay´s mission and goals. Over the next 12 months we will do a gradual roll-out of the full ParrotPlay experience under TRD.by to validate the ParrotPlay business model.

  • Phase 1: Establish personal recommendations as a user conversion tool
  • Phase 2: Establish active use
  • Phase 3: Monetisation

Some of you are already enrolled in our program for receiving updates from this project.

If you are an online media house targeting the Nordics and not already in process with us contact us here.

We think you will greatly benefit to offer a single point of access to all your readers/viewers/users digital entertainment.

Jungle Boogie!


ParrotPlay´s white label business model

A short update on what we have been doing on the business development side after we had compiled the data and opportunities that arouse in the commercial Beta phase of ParrotPlay.

In the old days people turned to the TV guide to find out what they should watch on TV. Well – actually they still do, but increasingly less compared to frustrating activity of jumping in and out of streaming services of apps and web-sites. The TV Guide has been a high valued media asset as it has generated a lot of repeat traffic and sort of connected online media engagement and TV – a pretty cool relationship.

But with the value of a linear TV guide is declining in an even faster rate than linear TV consumption and no-one has really taken the position of being the ultimate streaming guide. There´s a lot of small start-ups out there doing some aggregation, which mostly is linking The Internet Movie Database metadata (or similar) with scraped data from the streaming services to provide links, but none of them are close to providing an integrated experience. None of them are having a blast .

After initial discussions with prominent media companies we have decided to provide ParrotPlay as a white-label platform with a lot of goodies built in that will strengthen the symbiosis with online media companies and consumer video production.

  • Personalized TV and Streaming Guide
  • Editorial tools to augment already existing editorial processes in content reviews
  • Real data across all streaming services
  • Data-driven articles

We see a great opportunity for existing online media brands to offer their version of the ParrotPlay brand to drive user engagement, and we have already proven that there are Premium and other revenue generating features that also will drive new revenue streams to our partnerships.

We expect to announce the our first pilot media partner early fall 2017