We could not keep it a secret anymore

kampanje.com in Norway is running ParrotPlay as top story today. That is what we call great news! The article is behind a pay wall, -and it´s worth it.

ParrotPlay has not been very vocal about the fact that we have been live with trd.by for a few weeks. Here are the main reasons:

  • We have focused on establishing the basic metrics of conversion between recommendation widgets (see We are live ) and the Personal Streaming Guide, untainted by marketing.
  • As there are a few million lines of code that needs to run in harmony, we have wanted to control the user base to ensure stability (up-time since launch is above 99.6% with most of the down-time being scheduled updates).
  • We are doing IPR / patent-work, and it is time consuming 🙂

Now that the Parrot is pulled out of the hat by the excellent Kampanje.com staff we just wanted to highlight the conclusion of the article:

Our goals for this year is to validate that our white-label model add significant value to:

  • People 
  • Our media partners
  • The streaming services / right owners

Throughout 2018 we are keeping select companies, strategic and financial investors up to date on the results we create in order to be in a position to scale our IPR, products and proposition outside of the Nordics. 

So our dear friends in the east and the west – expect the Parrot´s beak knocking on your door soon.

It will be glorious.



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