2018 is fully funded – thank you supporters!


Just before Christmas 2017 we concluded our first crowd funding campaign. It went through the roof and did not stop before we hit the max. With over 300 new shareholders we are among the largest startups in the Nordics measured in number of shareholders! The awesomeness of having a large deeply vested community that in addition to being investors also serves as a beta-test group has become an advantage to us that is difficult to copy!

We are fully funded for 2018 with a total budget of NOK 10.1 million. Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Governments organisation that supports our most promising startups, and our pilot customer, Adresseavisen, contributes money and resource on top of the NOK 5M that was raised in equity.

This puts us in a position to execute our full commercial pilot of ParrotPlay by the end of 2018! We are eager to share data from this pilot with all of our media, OEM and operators friends throughout the coming weeks and months.

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