ParrotPlay´s white label business model

A short update on what we have been doing on the business development side after we had compiled the data and opportunities that arouse in the commercial Beta phase of ParrotPlay.

In the old days people turned to the TV guide to find out what they should watch on TV. Well – actually they still do, but increasingly less compared to frustrating activity of jumping in and out of streaming services of apps and web-sites. The TV Guide has been a high valued media asset as it has generated a lot of repeat traffic and sort of connected online media engagement and TV – a pretty cool relationship.

But with the value of a linear TV guide is declining in an even faster rate than linear TV consumption and no-one has really taken the position of being the ultimate streaming guide. There´s a lot of small start-ups out there doing some aggregation, which mostly is linking The Internet Movie Database metadata (or similar) with scraped data from the streaming services to provide links, but none of them are close to providing an integrated experience. None of them are having a blast .

After initial discussions with prominent media companies we have decided to provide ParrotPlay as a white-label platform with a lot of goodies built in that will strengthen the symbiosis with online media companies and consumer video production.

  • Personalized TV and Streaming Guide
  • Editorial tools to augment already existing editorial processes in content reviews
  • Real data across all streaming services
  • Data-driven articles

We see a great opportunity for existing online media brands to offer their version of the ParrotPlay brand to drive user engagement, and we have already proven that there are Premium and other revenue generating features that also will drive new revenue streams to our partnerships.

We expect to announce the our first pilot media partner early fall 2017

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