ParrotPlay is a social and personal streaming and TV guide provided as a native component to online media companies.

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Landing page view from one of our partners live implementation of ParrotPlay,

This enables our partners to offer a single access point to all entertainment provided by premium streaming services.

Our Products includes Intellectual Property Rights and software that provides:

A Web User Interface
A white-labeled user interface aggregating premium streaming content from all major streaming services in your region presented in a holistic TV and streaming guide

Built in Monetisation
ParrotPlay comes with premium features that generates end user revenue streams that we share with our partners. Our partners are free to integrate their existing advertisement technologies into the Web User Interface

Editorial tools and analytics
Data, user conversion widgets and auto-generation of personalised content  augment your editorial staff and drives increased engagement into your streaming guide


Technology and Intellectual Property

We believe ParrotPlay is the most user experience rich streaming aggregation service on planet earth. Our unique technology / IPR enables our partners to stay to offer the most attractive streaming universe to their existing users:

ParrotPlay MediaGraph
A graph database that organizes relationships between streaming services, content, users social network and personal preferences gives us an advantage to offer magical user experiences for discovering and consuming content.

ParrotPlay AI (Bruce)
Bruce handles all the troubles of a fragmented streaming universe, including emulated Single-Sign-On,  recommendations, search, auto-play and other player controls so that the user have an experience of a single holistic access point to all her digital entertainment, including embedded play

ParrotPlay will simply generate increased customer engagement and revenue for your online media operation.

Online media company benefits

Premium Streaming is the new TV – get in front of the action

Netflix, HBO, has already replaced traditional TV viewing habits in younger demographics, and those who have a cord are cutting it. Movies, TV-Series and TV-shows are consumed on-demand, and is a significant contributor to the increasing digital media spend per household.

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Thrill your readers by giving them what they want – social recommendations

By offering incorporating ParrotPlay module you can offer a native personalised and social streaming guide through ParrotPlay´s white label business model. Users get an incentive to register to get a personal TV and streaming guide, to invite their friends to get social recommendations and a single access point to digital entertainment.

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Banner_wallpaperDon´t loose out on the next disruption in media monetisation

The US online ad market bypassed the US TV ad market in 2017. Needless to say, the next growth wave for online ads will be to attract TV ad spend by offering content suitable for big screen formats, such as videos, Movies and TV-series.

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OEM and Operator Benefits

A holistic user centric Smart TV experience

ParrotPlay offers its personalised social streaming guide and IPR
through a partnership model with Set-Top-Box, Smart-TV and other Smart-TV producers and operators. It could not be more simple to to create a product offering that will put you years ahead of the competition.

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We replace “cost” with “recurring revenue”

Creating a tier-1 Smart-TV experience traditionally require a significant organisational investment in distributor relationships, legal framework, software eco-system developments and marketing. With ParrotPlay all those things are handled through Artificial Intelligence. So rather than focusing on cost you can focus on the recurring revenue ParrotPlay will generate for your business.

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End User Benefits

PC_Home.pngAll your entertainment in one place

ParrotPlay gathers all streaming services in one place so that you can easily find and watch your favourite movies, series and TV channels. The search and personal recommendations engine finds what you want to watch independent of the service. If you want to watch something, just add your service credential and ParrotPlay take care of the rest.

Streaming… with a little help from your friends

No algorithm in the world can beat a real social recommendation. The feeling of getting a recommendation of a new show you would never had thought about watching from a close friend or a person you respect and follow is most often the best source of entertainment. Join ParrotPlay´s social entertainment network through one of our partners.

2016 Beta version of ParrotPlay

Express yourself

Nothing is quite so telling about who you are as your entertainment preferences. Use ParrotPlay to build lists, obtain followers, style your profile. Entertain the world by showing who you are.